This is a exciting, unique development of 2 fabulous Contemporary - 'of their own time' houses in central Solihull,  West Midlands, England, occupying a peaceful backland site at the rear of 38 The Crescent. They will have green roofs, rain  water harvesting, solar panels, photovoltaic, mechanical ventilation, heat recovery, ground to air heat pipes and heat pump technology etc. as well as all the things that you expect- gorgeous bathrooms, fabulous kitchen with all Miele appliances, amazing Audio Visual array...... we can't wait to move into one, we love the area so much that we did not want to move, but our 7 bedroom house is now too big for us since the boys have left home...... so came the idea for the Build ! The area at the back of our existing house is a haven, birdsong all day and the rustle of leaves, very little traffic noise interrupts this and I can never believe that we are 5 minutes walk to the London/Birmingham trainline one way and 5 minutes to John Lewis Department store and the rest of Solihull shopping centre with the 9 screen cinema, M&S, banks, pubs, restaurants etc the other. And only 1 mile to the M42 with its links to the M6 and M40, amazing!
This will be a high quality build, the style demands a perfect finish, and of course all the basics underneath have to be right first! The NHBC are overseeing the build process and their warranties will be in place and the underground waterproof system is also guaranteed as is the beautiful wildflower meadow roof.  Peter is managing the build - and that for him means getting involved in every part of the build, driving the Telehandler ( midlife crisis Porsche replacement ), lifting steels into place, attaching the Voltex , putting tanks in....etc. .Infact many people will not believe that I often wake up at 6am to find Peter not with me anymore, one morning ( day after the tanks had gone in with alot of concrete ) he was down in the hole doing something in Waders - and it wasn't fishing.  
The Copy of the Planning Statement can be viewed at  This was granted on appeal - much to our relief and we hope that those who opposed it will in time love them as much as we do. We had to go back too the Planning Committee with a few minor changes including an underground swimming pool in one of the houses, and they all seemed quite excited about it, I think they see that these are very different houses for this area and they said that maybe this is the way they should be looking at more of these types of houses, ie sustainable, eco, rainwater recycling, solar panels......etc
Thankyou Solihull Planning Committee for your vote of confidence :-)
Will the Road scene change ? 
No - The design brief to our Architects was to have 2 houses that were not visible from the main road, this is a beautiful road with lovely houses and trees, we did not want to interrupt this, and you can see below that The Crescent street scene will not change .
The top picture shows the scene before we demolish the garage on the RHS as you see it to rebuild it on the left, the middle picture shows the new garage built, and the last picture at the bottom shows the scene with the drive way in, and the new houses built.